OSHA Certified Forklift Training

OSHA Certified Forklift Training Hyundai Lift Truck2

Southfork Lift Truck provides OSHA forklift operator certification directly to employees of those companies employing forklift operators.

Before new employees are assigned to operate a powered industrial truck, they must be certified. Recertification is required every three years. With proper certification – avoidance in OSHA fines, reductions in insurance costs, decreasing  accidents and injuries, and increasing productivity can be achieved by your company.

Included in Our OSHA Training Certification Program:

  • Classroom training
  • A program scheduled with the flexibility to meet your needs
  • Video instruction plus hands-on training with your machines
  • Included are all instructional materials, handouts, and tests
  • Certified students will obtain a Forklift Operator ID card

Forklift Certification for Individuals

Southfork offers forklift operator certification to companies, but not directly to individuals.  Individuals who want to obtain certification to operate a forklift, need to contact the National Safety Council.

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